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Are there benefits to a having a strong statistical background?


I believe that statistics are beneficial as they are very explanatory and descriptive. Statistics can seem like banging your head against a wall at times but once you have succeeded it is such a weight off your shoulders to understand the situation more deeply. Once you delve into the world of statistics the opportunities are endless. Before last year I had no idea of the extent of statistics and how much you can do with it. And in fact didn’t want to know but now after a year of learning about it, I know
how beneficial statistics can be in backing up research in particular.

Statistics can be very persuasive and people seem to trust the numbers that are presented. Advertisements, for example, use statistics to attract and lure people in and make their product seem like the best in its field. An example of this is the advertisement for L’oreal Paris Elvive full restore 5 ( This product claims to restore hairs fullness and improve the health of your hair, however in fine print at the bottom of the screen it says “styled with natural hair extensions” so this is not really a true representation. Another thing
with this product is that the statistics are not really a true representation; however they have used statistics to make the product better and improve the consumer value and get more customers. L’oreal conducts surveys for their products to gain a statistic to show customers that the product is worth buying.

Another example where statistics are beneficial is on schooling league tables and for exam results. There was an increase for boys with an A* grade, whereas girls dipped slightly from last year. The public rely so much on these statistics to choose which schools to send their children to. Each year the release of the results cause debates
among politicians, schools and parents based on the statistics. (

The use of statistics is not only beneficial within science but essential. Research does not make sense without statistics. Statistics paint the picture of science and displays the findings in a clear way. They make it easy to understand what the research is
trying to say. In psychology it is essential to use statistics to describe research especially as it is argued whether psychology is a science or not.

In conclusion, I do believe statistics are beneficial and essential within the world of science. Having a statistical background within advertising is an advantage as the public believe and rely on what the statistics say for the quality and popularity of a
product. Statistics also help people to make judgement and decisions about things such as which schools to send their children to and compare exam grades from one year to the next.


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